At SIMSON, we have SAIBA insurance broker software, SARB for Reinsurance Brokers, Third Party Administrators (SATA) and Agents (BimaPro). Apart from this, we also have product for private railway companies(TroMa) and recently we have also launched a new product "SWAP" for web aggregators. Our SAIBA insurance broking management and SARB reinsurance broking management software are leading solutions for broking industry.

One of our greatest strength is our core team of renowned experts of insurance domain on our panel, that assist us in development of various insurance broking management softwares for direct brokers, agencies, health and reinsurance brokers to outperform the competition and set the industry standards. With deep industry insight, SIMSON continually focus on upgrading their skills and providing integrated service cycle from advice to service to claims to differentiate from the competition, enhance customers services, improve efficiency & achieve organic growth.

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